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TRES6030 Quantitative Research Methods
Campus: South Eveleigh, NSW 2015
Units of Credit: 6
Prerequisite or Corequisite: It is assumed that, at a minimum, students will have a relevant degree in business or a closely related field and that they will have completed at least one undergraduate unit in applied business statistics or equivalent at “credit” level or better.
EFTSL*: 0.125
Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 3
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Unit Overview:

This unit comprises an introduction to various analytical models and modelling / mathematical techniques that are commonly used in business research as well as related empirical applications. Students will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art statistical software and apply established quantitative methods, thus gaining basic experience in data analysis techniques. The unit emphasises the critical evaluation of quantitative survey research designs and data analysis techniques to enable students to appreciate better the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative research strategies.

*EFTSL = Equivalent full-time study load