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TECO301 Asian Economics
 Campus:  Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, NSW 2015
 Units of Credit:  6
 Prerequisite or Corequisite:  TECO103 Principles of Economics
 EFTSL*:  0.125
 Indicative Contact Hours per Week:  4 
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 Unit Overview:

This unit is designed to introduce students to the economic and political nature and structure of the Asian economies. It will examine the mechanisms which shape their economic activity as well as various socio-economic factors in the development of their economic institutions. Current challenges of China and the East Asian economies will be given particular attention. Topics that will be addressed include: economic growth in Asia; trade and economic growth; the East Asian trade-production network; Asia’s role in global imbalances; the Asian financial crisis.

 *EFTSL = Equivalent full-time study load