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4 In Demand Skills for the FinTech Industry

By Linda Tran, 10th November 2020

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There is no doubt that the FinTech Industry is booming, both in Australia and around the world. According to the recent 2019 EY Global FinTech Adoption Index, 75 percent of the 29,000 consumers surveyed across 27 global markets had used either FinTech payments or transfers services before. Naturally, with the supply of FinTech products and services, comes demand of skilled workers in FinTech.

Here are some of the in demand skills for FinTech industry:

#1 Programming Skills

There is an ever increasing demand for those working in the FinTech Industry who can develop the following: mobile applications, full-stack platforms and user-responsive websites. These also include traditional programming skills such as Java, Python, SQL, Javascript to name a few.

Source: Softest 2020

#2 Cybersecurity

Nowadays, you can access almost anything and everything at the tips of your fingers. To keep up with the latest from the world of cyber threats, there is a need for cyber security to protect users from unforeseen cyber attacks. Some cybersecurity skills include: performing security analysis, understanding cloud security, mitigating risks. Programming, detecting intrusions and malware as some examples.

Source: Tech Genix 2018

#3 Blockchain Technology

You may have heard the term “Bitcoins” where Blockchain is the underlying technology that helps maintain these transactions. If you are aspiring a career within Blockchain, there are comprehensive sets of skills to advance into including understanding cryptography, dealing with data structures, leveraging smart contracts, developing interoperability skills and achieving Blockchain through T-shaped approaches.

Source: 101 Blockchains 2020

#4 Data Science

As a data scientist, it is essential for one to develop technical skills in the following areas: programming, data crunching and knowledge of SaaS (Software as a Service) as well as honing soft skills including: communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving.

Source: Simpli Learn 2020

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