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5 Benefits of Studying International Business

By Linda Tran, 19 Feb 2021 


As an interconnected world, there is no doubt that knowledge within the international space is highly in demand. With a surge of new startups and growing companies in the global markets, organisations are continually on the lookout for professionals with an in-depth understanding of the international context. Therefore, studying International Business can be hugely beneficial in today’s society.

At IMC, we offer a range of courses specialising in Commerce and Management. We also offer a Master of International Business where it offers a comprehensive look into various aspects of businesses and on completion, you will be able to gain relevant skills and knowledge to perform in roles in Australia and abroad.

According to research*, here are some benefits of studying International Business:

#1 Explore a deeper understanding in international relations

You will be exposed to a number of relevant and global challenges when you undertake this degree. From learning about different cultures within business settings, to trade, global economics and also overcoming hurdles along the way. Studying this discipline will be able to broaden your worldview and help you understand different perspectives. This is vital in the real world when you enter the workforce, as you will face many scenarios along the way.

#2 Develop in-demand management skills

While studying this degree, you will be able to work autonomously, in a team and also generate reports and findings from research. With this experience, you will be able to develop important soft and hard skills that will help you in the workplace. Taking the lead and undertaking critical thinking will serve great purpose, especially in the case where you will be working within a global environment.

#3 Boost your chances of success in your career path

Graduates of this degree are able to explore their industry of choice and catapult themselves, especially in workplaces where they are scaling and/or have offices abroad. Undertaking International Business can help you filter through your likes and dislikes and prepare you when in search for job opportunities.

#4 Become a professional problem solver

This will come with experience, however, the degree allows you to develop valuable skills such as becoming a professional problem solver. This can include examples of working in industry case scenarios, presentations, findings and work placements to understand the business challenges at hand, and how to create solutions to tackle these in a sustainable way.

#5 Gain relevant business knowledge

As you may see, the International Business degree can help you explore many areas including competitor research, business redesigns, financial performance analysis to operations management. These are just a few of the key aspects to look out for when you are a part of a global business. You will be able to further hone your skills when you take part in the course.

*Source: Holland International Study Centre (2019)

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