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From FinTech Research to United Nations: Dr Yesseleva-Pionka Explains

By Lawrence Chen, Sept 9th 2020



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Congratulations to Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, Senior Lecturer in Finance at IMC where her article titled “Blockchain for SME Finance” was recently published in the ICSB 2020 MSME Global Report. In addition, her paper was also submitted to the United Nations and the rest of the world on 27 June 2020 - International MSME Day.

Dr Yesseleva-Pionka's research interests include entrepreneurial finance, traditional and alternative ways to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate finance, policies for the small business sector, innovation and SMEs, FinTechs and Blockchain.

The academic notes in her dissertation, “...more than half of the overall world population is working for SMEs..., Blockchain could potentially bridge the information/data gap between lenders and SMEs.”

The article highlights that Blockchain has been put in practice by the majority of the large enterprises in the U.S. She also pointed out Blockchain could be the solution to information asymmetry between SMEs and lenders, as the greatest challenge of innovation in small companies is their limited access to funds. As a result, she emphasised on the importance for the Australian government’s role in this process:

“It is essential to emphasise the Australian government’s role in participating in Big Data and Blockchain projects that could reduce information opaqueness associated with SMEs and contribute to the faster, easier access to finance for this crucial sector.”

“For over 2.3 million of SMEs in Australia, this could mean receiving access to finance within minutes.”

Summing up her view, she collates together the structure of the pragmatic measures of implementing Blockchain, including the direction of related future studies and policy re-examination.

To access her full analysis “Blockchain for SME Finance”, follow this link:

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