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Career Edge

Career Edge 2019

An important part of being ready to enter the workforce is building your practical professional skills. Here at IMC, we have a number of initiatives to help prepare our students for their careers. We call this Career Edge. 

We have a strong belief that your education is more than just what you learn in the classroom. Through career development programs, our students will be able to turn the theory they learn in class into real life experiences. These experiences will help shape our students to be outstanding candidates in today’s highly competitive employment market.

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Learn from industry leading professionals
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Become job ready
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Learn to communicate effectively
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Explore your future career path
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Reflect cross cultural values
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Find your potential

How does Career Edge work?

Career Edge is made up of a number of programs that aim to help our students become career ready during their studies so that they will be able to transition into the workforce confidently after graduation.

Our students are encouraged to attend Career Prep Workshops during their studies at IMC. Industry professionals are invited to IMC to present and offer advice on resume writing, interview skills and other insights to prepare our students for the first step of their job-seeking path.

All eligible students are invited to apply for CareerFit, a one-week program to learn effective business communication skills and explore business case studies to become job ready. This one-week program will be hosted at Barangaroo, Sydney.

How can Career Edge benefit you?

Career Edge offers extensive benefits to help you build on your skills, your capacity to adapt in a rapidly changing world and to discover your potential for life after study.

If you would like some more resources on planning your career, visit our Career Planning and Advice page