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Transforming Financial Services with Digital Technology: IMC collaborates with FinTech Australia

IMC and FinTech Australia join forces to promote new innovative courses in FinTech.

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The Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC), a leading and innovative private higher education provider, has recently entered into a strategic agreement with FinTech Australia to promote new postgraduate courses specialising in FinTech and related fields. In addition, FinTech Australia and IMC have agreed to encourage joint research initiatives between FinTech start-ups and IMC research staff working in the same space. FinTech Australia is the leading member-driven organisation in the FinTech industry fostering and supporting entrepreneurial activity and representing the industry in government and regulatory forums.

The agreement between IMC and FinTech Australia aims to highlight the demand in both education and career prospects in the FinTech landscape with innovative education and research opportunities available in the field. With the COVID-19 pandemic front of mind, the reliance on digital technologies continues to surge and evolve. Now is a great time for those starting in FinTech as an entrepreneur or employee to upskill with FinTech courses presently being offered.

FinTech Australia General Manager, Rebecca Schot-Guppy said: “One concern we repeatedly hear from our members is a shortage of specialist talent in Australia. Even now, amid the pandemic, FinTechs are hiring, but many are holding out for the right candidate for the right role. Specialised courses in FinTech and further educational research on the industry will help address this. We commend IMC for their forward-thinking approach in this regard. By specialising and integrating with the FinTech industry now, we suspect they will be able to offer their students pathways into the industry at key points in its growth.”

Peter Eddey, Provost of IMC added: “We are very proud to have a cooperative agreement with the leading industry organisation, FinTech Australia. As IMC develops its courses in the FinTech field and its research into digital technology application in business generally, the opportunity to support the FinTech industry with relevant education and research opportunities is both exciting and gratifying. We do thank FinTech Australia for its cooperation and commitment.”

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