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You are serious about your education, and we are too. The Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC) knows you want a high-quality education, and we provide it. With well qualified and experienced teaching staff, accredited courses designed around employability, modern teaching and learning facilities, and its location in South Eveleigh’s vibrant high-tech centre, students dedicated to using their abilities and reaching their goals will find IMC an exciting place to study, learn and achieve.

The IMC story is one of growth and success. From a modest beginning as Top Education Institute in the early 2000s, IMC has developed into a leading private higher education provider. Recent achievements including being granted self-accrediting authority by TEQSA (the government higher education regulator) in the management and commerce field, and a successful listing of IMC’s parent entity on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. A commercial alliance with the leading global financial services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers continues to provide IMC’s students with opportunities for professional development and internships. The IMC physical environment is pleasant with open spaces, cafes and sporting facilities in a precinct close to Sydney’s CBD and all that a modern cosmopolitan city can offer. While IMC’s principal location is Sydney, there is now a second campus in Hobart, Tasmania.

There is so much opportunity at IMC for students to learn, develop and move forward into successful careers. There are undergraduate courses in business, management, accounting and finance. For those moving up to a master’s degree, IMC has courses in international business, marketing, accounting, business administration and business research. All senior teaching staff are PhD qualified and bring their research into the classroom to ensure students are exposed to cutting edge knowledge. The curricula across all courses are regularly updated so IMC can prepare students for tomorrow’s world where the digital revolution is changing the nature of work and social life. Topics in data analytics, artificial intelligence, process automation, fintech, blockchain and the internet of things are being embedded in IMC’s courses.

The core values of IMC are integrity, capability, responsibility and curiosity. If you have the same values and aspirations as IMC, then there is much we can do together.

Professor Peter Eddey
Provost, IMC

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