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Domestic Admission

1. Should I submit my application directly to IMC?
Yes, If you are applying for an undergraduate program or postgraduate program you can apply directly to us. If you are an international student, you have the choice to apply directly online to IMC or to apply through one of our approved Agents .

2. Am I eligible to apply for FEE-HELP?
Please refer to the link for the eligibility:

3. I am an Australian, but my previous academic documents were from overseas. Can I waive my English conditions?
Having the appropriate English conditions is one of the key requirements for entry to our programs. If your overseas qualification is not from an English speaking country, you are still required to follow the same conditions outlined in the English proficiency requirement.
To learn more, please follow the link

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International Admission

1. My English does not meet the IELTS score. What can I do?
Please visit:
If you are still unable to provide evidence of English studies, a placement test is required. We will arrange the booking for you and you will sit the placement test to determine your English ability. You may need to attend the English studies in order to reach the level for the entry requirement.

2. When will I receive my COE?
As long as you meet all the pre-arrival conditions, once the payment outlined in your offer letter is made and the acceptance has been confirmed in the Student Portal, your eCOE will be followed within 48 hours.

3. I am a current student but my visa is going to expire because I failed some subjects that lead me to extend my studies. What can I do?
If your failed academic result is less than 50%, we will issue the extension eCOE after you made the course payment for the following semester. If your failure rate is more than 50%, you will require an interview with our staff member and review your case to extend the eCOE.

4. I am currently holding a Bridging Visa and on the way to getting my student visa granted. Am I allowed to study part-time?
No, You are still required to study full-time as your bridging visa is obligated with your future student visa period. In the meantime, you are also required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for this period too.

5. I am now an Australian Resident, with my residency being granted last week. Please refund the previous fee that I have paid for International fees.
As per our terms and conditions, at the time you applied to your chosen course, you were under International Student status. If your status changed to Domestic Student, your next payment fees will fall under Domestic student status and Domestic Student fees will be applied. For information, please visit:

6. Why do you require the Study Gap information? I have provided my qualification that meets your basic requirement of entry to the course.
For international students, we are obliged by ESOS regulations to ensure the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement for all applicants are met. While the time of holding the student visa, if there’s a gap of more than 3 months (except summer holiday) of non-study evidence, we will not be able to determine your GTE even though the academic study meets our entry requirement.

7. My academic qualification from my previous school wasn’t good. I want to transfer to IMC to continue my study. What can I do?
First of all, you are required to complete an application form and send us all the relevant academic documentation. We still will follow the admissions policy per IMC requirements.
We will assess the previous academic result and determine your eligibility to enter our program. You may be required to attend a Study Plan meeting and follow the Support Program as part of the conditions. Please also note that you may require a Release from your previous academic provider to continue the process of the previous study if less than 6 months.

8. Can you issue the confirmation of enrolment letter? I want to send this to Immigration to help my family obtain a tourist visa for their visit.
Please send the request to We will issue the enrolment letter if you are a current student who is studying full-time with us.

9. As an International student do I need Overseas Health Insurance and where can I pick up my Insurance card?
OSHC is a compulsory requirement for all international students.
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires that student visa holders must have Overseas Student Health Cover. IMC students currently have OSHC through BUPA.
It is important for all new students to collect their BUPA healthcare cards at the start of their degree.
If you have lost your Health card you can contact the provider and request a new one at any time.

10. I already have my own Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Do I need to purchase the new OSHC on IMC of my current OSHC?
No, you do not need to purchase a new OSHC, you can extend your current OSHC from your current provider to make sure the extension length covers the new visa end date. You are also welcome to purchase our OSHC (provided by BUPA) to extend your OSHC. Please note that you are required to have the sufficient length of the cover period for the whole visa period.

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General Admission Information

1. What do you mean by certified copies of original documents? Can I just send the documents via email?
You can send the documents by email but these documents are required to have a signature by Justice of Peace or a person who is authorised as a witness for statutory declarations under Statuary Declarations Regulations 1993, who has witnessed the original document.
For more information, please visit:

If you do not have anyone that can sign the document, you can bring the originals to IMC and we can certify the documents.

2. How can I make payment?
For a full-fee paying student, payment details are outlined on the offer letter provided by IMC. If you are a Domestic student and eligible to apply for FEE-HELP, you will be required to fill out the form on site with your passport ready.

3. I need to defer my studies. What is the difference between Deferment of Studies and Leave of Absence? Where can I find the forms?

Deferment of Studies: You haven’t as yet commenced any program but have already accepted the offer (for international students, they should have already received the eCOE)
Leave of Absence: You are a current student, but require an absence for one or two terms of studies.

For both situations, students are still required to provide reasons with supporting documentation. We need to review and approve or reject on a case by case basis. The forms can be found on:

4. When is the last day to submit an application?
Please check our the key dates.

The enrolment deadline is the last day of enrolment submission. The census date is the date in which enrolled students can make changes to their study program.

5. How can I apply to get my academic transcript?
Please send an email to with your name and student number.
Please note a $15 fee will apply unless you have graduated on the completion of your program. Once it’s done, you will receive an email to collect the original transcript from our reception office.

6. I am unable to attend the graduation ceremony because I will be overseas. Can you please post the certificate to me?
Certainly. You are required to email to and state your overseas address and pay a postal fee. After the information is received and confirmed with our Finance team, we then post the required documents to your designated address. You will receive a tracking number for the express post service.

7. Can I ask my friend to collect the academic transcript or certificate for me?
Yes, but you are required to send us a consent letter to with your signature and provide us with the nominated person’s full details. This nominated person is required to present their identity on the spot when they come and collect your confidential documents.

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