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Student Services offer a range of support services to new students which aim to help students adapt into a new environment and achieve their learning outcome.

Orientation programs and in class-room orientation presentations

IMC offers all new students an Online Orientation Program (via Moodle) which allows students to get familiar with support services, facilities and amenities in and around the campus. The Online Orientation Program also contains important information about student VISA requirements and living in Australia for international students.

This program will also offer new students an opportunity to know more about IMC and to gain information about where they can find further support if needed. This program is compulsory for all new students, both domestic and international students to complete before the enrolment deadline of their first semester at IMC.

Apart from the online program, IMC’s Student Services team also offer in-classroom presentations for new students. This gives students a chance to ask any questions they may have and the opportunity for Student Services to talk about the services and support that are available.

Student ID Cards

All new students can arrange to collect their Student ID card via All students will be required to have their Student ID card on them while attending all IMC classes. Students can charge the printing credit to their student ID card online.

Concession Cards

Concession card application forms are now available for full-time domestic students enrolled in at least 3 units per semester. If you are a full-time domestic student and you would like to apply, please fill out this form: Tertiary Student Concession, and return it to Student Services, Building 3. 

Student Feedback

IMC wants all students to enjoy their time here at IMC. We value student feedback and options. There are always various channels available to students to provide feedback, such as Student satisfaction survey and questionnaires. For further details in terms of feedback, complaints and grievances, please refer to our Student Support information.

For international students

Student Services understand that being an International Student in a foreign country away from home can be difficult. Many students may experience a cultural shock while still settling into an unfamiliar environment. This may involve various aspects for example, experiencing different food, climate, language barriers, different values, social manners and everyday living. Student Services are here to help students adjust as easily as possible. Our door is always open, and you can talk to us about anything. You can also find more information via Student Handbook.