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Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to IMC.

If you are facing a problem with your grades or with any aspect of student life, we are committed to ensuring that you are heard and your problem is addressed in a timely, confidential and compassionate manner.

The below information and flowchart in accordance with Student Complaints and Appeals Policy and the Student Complaints and Appeal Procedure can help you understand the process.

What's difference between informal complaints and formal complaints?

An Informal Complaint is a grievance issue that a student may raise informally directly with the person(s) involved or directly to the Senior Student Services Manager.

A Formal Complaint is a grievance issue that a student seeks to resolve by lodging a formal complaint with the Student Grievance Committee.

What is an appeal?

An appeal is a formal complaint made by a student to the Student Grievance Committee to reach an outcome regarding their studies and/or student-life in relation to either a non-academic matter or for a reconsidered academic grade.

If I have an informal complaint, what can I do?

You can discuss the complaint with the person/s concerned directly, or you can approach the Senior Student Services Manager for assistance. IMC will discuss the best outcome and agree to act together to resolve the complaint.

If my informal complaint is not solved, what can I do?

You can lodge a formal complaint.

How can I lodge a formal complaint/appeal?

The flowchart below outlines the entire Complaints and Appeals process.

Please note that:

  • You can lodge your complaint by completing the Complaint Form and emailing it to or within 20 working days of the complaint arising.
  • The Senior Student Services Manager will support you by providing advice and assisting you with preparing your complaint or appeal during this period.
  • You may withdraw your complaint at any time in writing. When all possible internal resolutions have been utilised, you may seek an external resolution. When an external resolution begins, all internal processes will cease.
What will happen during the period of SGC investigation?
  • IMC's Student Grievance Committee (SGC) is responsible for investigating and acting upon all formal student grievances.
  • The grievance investigation may involve speaking to relevant staff or students, accessing the student file and/or speaking to external parties. The student will be advised should the SGC consider it necessary to involve external parties in the investigation and confidentiality will always be respected. External parties can include the Institute's agents or related parties if the complaint is in regard to a student's experience with these parties.
What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of a formal complaint or appeal?

You can go to external bodies to appeal this decision.

  • International students may appeal their outcome to the Overseas Student Ombudsman´╝Ü1300 362 072 or
  • Domestic Students may appeal their outcome to the Resolution Institute: or

Students will also be provided with advice regarding avenues of appeal. The written response should be provided within five (5) working days of the decision being made and any implementation required following the decision.

The Student Complaints and Appeals Process