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1. Where are my classes located?

Student classes are located in all 3 buildings on Campus.
Please make sure you read your timetable.

Bay 3, Level 1: Rooms 1 - 11
Yarrabingin House/Building 3, Level 3: 3.01, 3.02, 3.03
Bio-Medical Building: G05 & Moot Court

2. Where can I pick up my Student ID Card and what do I need it for?

All student ID cards can be picked up from the Reception Desk in the Biomedical Building. If you require a new student ID you must visit the Reception Desk between Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. All students will need their Student ID cards for exams and you can also charge printing credit online to your student card.

3. Where do I go if I have lost something at IMC?

Student Services manage lost property. If you are looking for a lost item, please come and see the Student Services office located in Bay 3. Please also contact Student Services if you have found lost property.

4. Are there any common areas for students to use?

The student kitchen and dining area is in Building 3, and is equipped with microwaves, boiling/chilled water taps, sofas, tables and vending machines. As this area is also used by staff it is expected that students clean up after themselves. There is also a common area located in the Biomedical building.

5. What facilities are available on Campus for students?

There are currently 5 cafes on Campus. Bay 16 Café offers coffee, drinks and Chinese food for lunch, there is also Sette located in the Channel 7 building, Charlotte’s Little Sister is located in the Biomedical building, and Funky Chino is located in the Innovation Centre.
There are three vending machines students can use. One is located in the kitchen on level 1 Bay 16, one is located on the ground floor of Bay 16, near the stairs and the other is located in the Biomedical Building’s common room.
To withdraw cash, an ATM is located in the Channel 7 building and Bay 8.

6.Can I apply for an Opal Concession Card?

If you are a Full-time domestic student and you are enrolled in at least 3 units per semester you can apply for an Opal Concession card. Application forms are available through the Student Services Office, located in Bay 3. Unfortunately, this does not apply to International students.

7. Are there any Scholarships that are available and how do I apply for them?

IMC offers a wide range of scholarships and awards each year to both domestic and international students. For a full list of current available scholarships please visit our website If you would like to apply for a scholarship from IMC, please download the application form via the website and return your completed form to

8. Is there any Academic English Support available at IMC?

FREE Academic English support is available to all IMC students.
Further information is available on our website: and you can also book in a private one-on-one consultation via the website

9. How many hours can I work as an International student?

For international students, it is very important to know your visa conditions. All international students must maintain a full-time study load (4 units/semester) and are able to work up to 40 hours/fortnight during a semester. Please be advised this does not include the semester break. Always remember you need to protect your rights. If there are any problems, you can always come and see Student Services at any time for support.

10. What happens if I fail some units and I become an ‘at risk student’?

IMC conducts early intervention strategies for students at risk. Students with a low attendance rate, who are not performing adequately in assessments and fail 50% of enrolled units will be considered at risk. Your school will contact you, and ask you to attend an individual interview with a staff member. An early intervention strategy is not a punishment, we hope we can identify any problems and help students to improve.

11. Where do I go if I have a complaint?

If you have an academic complaint, such as an issue with an assignment or a final exam mark, you will need to raise this academic appeal to the Academic office. You can contact them via If you have a complaint regarding a personal matter such as you believe you have been treated unfairly, you can come and see Student Services and we can guide you in regards to the next steps you can take you can also send an email to We recognize the rights of all students, and you have the right to report any problem or concern you have.

12. What do I do if I’m not feeling well and can’t attend a class?

Student Services strives to provide you with a safe, healthy, and friendly environment. If you feel unwell prior to arriving on campus, you are required to attend a medical practice close to your home. If you become unwell whilst on campus, the closest medical centre is located in Redfern. A first aid kit is also available in each building on campus.

13. Who can I talk to if I have a personal issue?

It is important for you to know that you are not alone in dealing with the pressures you may face as part of your studies. All members of the IMC team are willing to offer guidance and support if required. Our Student Services department has an open-door policy and are willing to talk to you about any matters you may be facing. We can also provide you with external resources and information on different ways that you can get the right kind of help for your situation.

14. Who can I contact for what?

Please visit page for key contacts:

15. What is a Student Satisfaction Survey?

At the end of each semester, we will ask every student to take a survey regarding their teachers, tutors, and units they have enrolled in. This is a confidential survey. This is an opportunity for students to voice their opinions regarding any issues that they feel need to be addressed during the semester.

All students are able to have individual consultations with Student Services where you can talk to us about any challenges or difficulties you are currently faced with. If you don’t want to speak to School staff, you can always see a student representative. As students, they understand other students and will reflect issues to IMC.

16. What information is in the Student Handbook and where can I access it?

At IMC, we aim to prepare our students to be ready for the academic year from the moment they are settled into their classes. IMC's Student Handbook covers several important subjects from student rights, safety, and wellbeing to a neighbourhood area guide. The student handbook can be downloaded directly from our website or you can request a copy from the Student Services Office.

17. What social activities are available to students?

Student Services offer current and alumni students a wide range of events and social activities to enhance their student experiences. These include several cultural events and social activities throughout the year which include Australian history and heritage excursions.

Information on social activities are displayed around campus and are sent to students via news announcements. Field trips and guided tours take place every semester and are usually run during the study break to allow students a chance to attend. If you would like to go somewhere in particular, please come and see Student Services.

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