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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Scholarship

  • Value: $5000.00 p.a
  • Course Area: Law/Business
  • Student Type: Domestic students only
  • Duration: minimum length of course
  • Enrolment Type: Full-time student
  • Selection Process: Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students with demonstrated financial hardship commencing tertiary study for the first time.

i. This Award is available to domestic students who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander enrolled in at least eight (8) units per year offered by Law or Business School which is equal to a total of 48 credit points per year.

ii. The Award is available to all eligible Law applicants and to eligible undergraduate Business applicants.

iii. Evidentiary requirements for School leavers, Gap year students and Mature age students include: ATAR results (or its equivalent) of 85.0 and records as part of the application process including any final secondary schooling reports and a written submission establishing additional criteria.

iv. Evidentiary requirements for previous Tertiary students include academic transcripts that are required to establish a minimum credit average.

v. A written submission is to be made to the Dean of School and is to include the following details:

  • Confirmation of a student’s Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage;

vi. The student who is the recipient of this Award must ensure that they maintain a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.0 each year i.e. credits each year as a full-time student in order to maintain their eligibility to this Award.

vii. The Award is assessed based on established eligibility criteria and the evidence provided.


For terms and conditions, please find the Terms and Conditions for Scholarship Awards through HERE.


Int - International Students
Dom - Domestic Students 
Bus - For students undertaking degrees part of the business school
Law - For students undertaking degrees part of the law school