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IMC Pathway Graduate

"To begin with it is hard; but once you get through it, you will understand it, and love it!"

Le Ma is one of the outstanding graduates from IMC’s pathway program to Macquarie University. Le Ma did extremely well in all subjects achieving High Distinctions with IMC and winning the Award for Outstanding Performance in the Diploma of Business in 2008. Le Ma won a full scholarship from IMC for her degree at Macquarie. The Chinese Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency, Junsai Zhang and Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University, Professor Steven Schwartz attended the Scholarship Ceremony with Le Ma being regarded as an excellent example of the achievements of Chinese students in Australia. She directly entered into the 2nd year of Macquarie’s Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), which she subsequently completed in 2010.
With a solid base from her one-year of study with IMC and her hard work at Macquarie, Le achieved 13 High Distinctions out of the 14 units at Macquarie, achieving overall GPA of 3.93. Among the awards she received were the PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize for Best Overall Performance in Accounting and Finance and Merit Certificate for Outstanding Academic Performances in both 2008 and 2009.
When asked what was the secret to her success, she offered three golden rules, with ‘time management’ at the forefront. She said students need to learn how to make plans for themselves; and make full use of their study time so that they can enjoy the rest of the time - learning is only one part of student life, connecting it with the reality is the most interesting thing. Le Ma considers adaptation as a necessary process that also applies to studies.

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Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
IMC Graduate

Justin Gong (龚槚钦) is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of XAIRCRAFT. Founded in 2007, XAIRCRAFT is one of the world’s largest drone companies. XAIRCRAFT specialises in agricultural UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) design, development, manufacturing and operations. During the last 10 years, Justin and his partner Peng Bin have successfully introduced UAS plant protection service to millions of Chinese farmers and continue to expand on the global market. Justin is also the founder of XAIRCRAFT Academy which aims to train professional UAS operators and a new generation of agricultural elites in order to lay the foundation for global precision agriculture.
Today, XAIRCRAFT operates more than 5000 drones (UAS) every day, mainly used for crop-dusting and geographic survey. The company helps farmers to better understand and manage their land, substantially reduce pesticides and other chemical consumption; ultimately helping to achieve global food safety and sustainability. Justin studied Business and Arts in Sydney and has lived in Australia for 8 years. He studied at IMC and graduated in 2013 with a Master of Professional Accounting Degree. The multicultural experience encouraged him to continue to explore technologies for humanity and to create business models so that innovations could reach more people. He is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Business Administration at Université Paris Dauphine and contributes to wildlife protection as a Grosvenor Council Member of the National Geographic Society.

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Master of Professional Accounting Graduate
Currently working in Financial Advisory at Deloitte DMS Australia.
IMC Graduate

"Passionate, professional and patient.
My teachers always emphasised the details, and this impact has continued in my work. If we can focus on details, it means you move closer to success.”

Jasper Kong (孔堃) is Case Analyst in Deloitte DMS, Australia. Jasper studied a Master of Management in Accounting at the University of Melbourne. He also completed a Master of Professional Accounting and Business at IMC in 2017. Jasper is also a certified interpreter in English and Mandarin with NAATI. Jasper has been to nine different universities and travelled across four continents including twenty-two countries during his university life. The multicultural experience he gained encouraged him to continue to explore new areas and maintain a passion to constantly contribute to the community around him.
Jasper has been awarded the Global Youth Idol of 2016 CCTV-Dreams. He was also awarded as Youth Leader of 2017 HONG KONG Dargon-100 Global Chinese. He was the first Chinese student who has been nominated for the Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship. Jasper believes self-confidence, wisdom and enthusiasm are his greatest qualities. Jasper’s motto is that it is better to work diligently and keep your initial dream instead of praying for a free lunch.


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