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1. How long will this temporary relaxation period last?

The Government did not announce any information about the end date regarding this temporary VISA relaxation. Remember this is a temporary measure and will be reviewed in April 2022. Please check the Department of Home Affairs for further updates.

2. Can I find employment after receiving a holiday letter?

A holiday letter is not a working permit, it is only a letter showing that you are a current student and the period of your study vacation.

3. Can I make an appeal to find employment due to my circumstances?

Any applications (including all appeals, such as application of Leave of Absence) based on a working reason will not be accepted. The main purpose of a student visa is to study full-time. Overseas students must complete their studies within the CoE period.

4. Will I receive any support in finding employment or in relation to visa issues?

For any visa-related issues, you need to contact your agent directly. IMC/TOP cannot provide any support to help overseas students find a full-time job and we cannot answer any questions regarding visa issues.

5. Does this temporary relaxation apply to all visas?

This temporary relaxation only applies to student visas. It is the responsibility of overseas students to maintain their visa conditions. If you need more information regarding your visa end date, please contact your agent directly.

Student Working Rights in Australia

Please note that the working rights of student visa holders are protected and enforced by the Fair Work Ombudsman under Australian workplace rights.

Any student who is unsure of their pay and entitlements or believes they have been underpaid while working in Australia can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman, free of charge, for information and assistance recovering unpaid entitlements.

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 has a translation and interpreter service available, and their website at has professionally translated material as well as a translator plug-in.