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Katherine Linday Director of Learning and Teaching
About us

Student-focussed learning is at the heart of our educational mission at the Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce. Whether you are an undergraduate student or pursuing postgraduate study, we are excited to contribute to your journey of lifelong learning. We aim to stimulate your passion for ideas, knowledge, and skills during your educational journey with us. Our courses are designed to support the development of discipline knowledge and a portfolio of academic and professional skills in communication, critical thinking, analysis and self-management. All of these are essential for career success in the fast-paced world in which we live and work in the 21st century

Your studies will be conducted in an environment and educational culture committed to the highest standards of academic integrity. The values of personal and academic integrity are central to our educational vision at IMC. They are also essential to a life of successful professional practice in any area of disciplinary expertise.

It is my pleasure and privilege to work with our students and staff at IMC to create an environment of educational excellence through the provision of high quality learning and teaching experiences across all of our courses, incorporating the latest innovations in in higher education to enhance our existing offerings and opportunities for student learning and professional development of our teaching staff.

Associate Professor Katherine Lindsay
Director of Learning and Teaching, IMC

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