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As an international student on a student visa, you are required to complete your course within the time specified in your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). This means you must be enrolled in a full-time study load, consisting of a minimum of 48 credit points (8 subjects) per year.

These units can be spread over the three standard terms per academic year. The commencing term will be regarded as the first term of your first academic year. For example, if you start your study from March 2021 at IMC, the March term will be the first term of your 1st academic year, and July term will be the second term of your 1st academic year.

To enable a flexible study experience at IMC, the following enrolment pattern examples can be referred to when planning your enrolment:

1st term of academic year 2nd term of academic year 3rd term of academic year
Pattern 1 4 4 0
Pattern 2 4 3 1
Pattern 3 3 4 1
Pattern 4 3 3 2

Please be aware that it is compulsory for you to enrol in at least 3 subjects in first two terms of your academic year. The rest of your study load can be undertaken in the 3rd term to ensure that you have fulfilled the full-time study load requirement. It is also possible for you to complete a maximum of 12 subjects per year (4 subjects per term).

It's important to track your study progress and ensure you're meeting the requirements of your course. IMC will monitor your study progression each term according to the Student Progression Exclusion and Graduation Policy and provide support through our Early Intervention Strategy.

If you are considering reducing your study load by taking less than 8 subjects per year over the three standard terms, you will need to complete an application. For further advice, please contact