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Your enrolment is your responsibility. You must be correctly enrolled by the enrolment deadline each term. 

1.1. How do I enrol in subjects?
You will be using the Student Portal system to enrol in your units every term.
You can log onto the Student Portal via Please refer to the Enrolment Guide for a step-by-step guide to enrolling.

1.2. What are the Key dates for enrolment?
Enrolment dates for each term vary depending on different teaching periods and will be advertised on our website.
Please refer to the Academic calendar that can be found on our website: Key Dates for more information on Orientation dates, enrolment deadlines and census date.

1.3. What do enrolment deadline and census date mean?
Enrolment deadline - The enrolment deadline is the last day to add or modify a unit using the Student Portal.
Census date - The census date for a teaching period is the last day to drop a subject without getting an academic penalty. It is the subject withdrawal deadline.

1.4. Can I enrol late?
We do not accept late enrolments.

1.5.How many subjects should I enrol in each formal term?
Full-time students should enrol in a full-time study load, consisting of a minimum of 48 credit points (8 subjects) per academic year, except for students enrolled in the Master of Marketing, which has a full-time study load of 6 units per academic year. Please refer to "How to plan your enrolment for each term".

1.6. How do I update my unit enrolment?
You can only add, drop and swap subjects during the relevant enrolment dates for each Teaching Period via the Student Portal. Deadlines are different for adding and dropping subjects.
Please Note: The deadline to add or swap a subject is the Enrolment Deadline for the relevant Teaching Period. The deadline to drop a subject without academic penalty is the Census Date for the relevant Teaching Period.

1.7. What are prerequisites?
Prerequisites are subjects or conditions that must be fulfilled before attempting a higher level subject. You are not able to enrol in any subject without having satisfied the prescribed conditions and/ or prerequisite or co-requisite requirements.

1.8. Can I enrol into subjects when I do not meet the prerequisite/s?
You cannot enrol into a subject if you do not meet the prerequisite/s.
If you have any inquiry about prerequisite/s, please visit the Academic Office (Level 1, Bay 3) for further information.

1.9. Can I enrol into a subject that is currently full?
You cannot enrol into a subject that is full. Class limits are set for a variety of reasons, including OHS regulations, allocated resources/equipment and better individual attention.

1.10. Can I overload?
The institution does not encourage students to overload their studies, as overloading may have a negative impact on your academic performance.
Please contact Academic Office (Level 1, Bay 3) to check your eligibility for overload application.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

2.1. I want to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / credit transfer/exemptions, what do I do?
For potential students, to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) /credit transfers for a program, please complete the Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Form and email it together with your supporting documentation to

For current students, to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) /credit transfers for a program, please complete the Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Form and email it together with your supporting documentation to

It is important to detail what IMC unit code you believe you might receive credit transfer for. Provide the name and code of the unit from your previous institution. Please refer to the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy for more information.

2.2. Can I have my Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / credit transfer/exemptions removed?
You can apply to have your transferred credits removed by the census date in every term as long as the unit has not been used as prerequisites or co-requisites for any other enrolled subjects. You will need to provide reasons for your request and if your request is approved, you cannot have the subjects reinstated under any circumstances.
Please email (including your student ID number) to or visit our Academic Office to find more information.

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Withdraw or Leave of Absence

3.1. Can I apply for withdrawal after census date?
Students can apply for withdrawal from their studies before or after the census date. Please be aware that withdrawal post-census may incur an academic penalty and/or financial penalty.

If you would like to withdraw units before the census date, please refer to Question 1.7 related to drop unit. If you would like to withdraw units after the census date, please complete the Application for Withdrawal of Course/Units Form and send it to Academic Office ( Academic and financial penalty may occur due to post-census-date application.

If students would like to withdraw their course, you need to complete  Application for Withdrawal of Course/Units Form and send it to Student Services ( An interview and counselling process will be arranged.

Please visit the Student Services Office or email to for further information.

3.2. I have already completed at least one term of study at IMC. How do I apply for a leave of absence?
Before the census date, you are allowed to apply for a leave of absence for compassionate reasons. You need to complete a Leave of Absence Form and send it with supporting documents to the Academic Office (
Please visit our Academic Office or email (including your student ID number) to for further request.

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Help with Moodle

4. If you experience any non-technical issues relating to your Moodle subject, address your concerns firstly to your lecturer or the Academic Office.
IT support deals with different types of technical issues.

If you encounter a technical issue (e.g. an error message displays) while using Moodle, here are some steps to that might help you solve the issue before calling/emailing IT support:

  • If you have time, try performing the action again at a later time.
  • Log out of Moodle, then log in and try again.
  • Change browsers and try again. See System Requirements for supported browsers.
  • Close down programs that may be slowing Moodle down and try again.
  • Restart, or shut down and reboot the computer and try again.
  • Check that your enrolment is correct in the Student Portal. If you have just changed your enrolment, allow at least 48 hrs to pass before trying to access Moodle subjects.

If you still cannot log onto Moodle or do not have access to your subjects, please contact the IT Office via

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Final Examinations

5.1. When does the final exam start and end?
The dates of each exam period are published on the Academic Calendar pages. It can be found via

5.2. When is the exam timetable released?
The exam timetable is expected to be published on Moodle by the end of Week 6 in each term.

5.3. How long will each exam take?
Please refer to your unit outlines for each subject and final exam timetable to check the duration of your exam or contact your lecturers to find out more information.

5.4. Where can I check the room and seat number?
Please refer to the Final Exam Name List posted on the Announcement Board in Bay 3 on the exam date.

5.5. Where can I find sample papers/past papers?
Students can check the sample exam paper module in Moodle. Please note these are only samples and not every unit has a sample exam paper.

5.6. Are mobiles/smart devices or calculator allowed during the exam?
Mobiles and smart devices are not allowed during the exam.
Students are required to bring their own calculators during their examinations. Programmable calculators are not allowed during the examinations.
Please refer to the Examination Policy and Procedure via the Policy Register

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Final Results

6.1. What is the date that the final result are released?
The official results release date is listed on the Key Dates on IMC’s website Please be aware that results cannot be released earlier than the published dates.

6.2. How do I view my final results?
Please check Moodle for an announcement regarding this information. Your results will be uploaded to the Student Portal on the result release date.
If you are unable to view your results or need assistance, please contact IT office via

6.3. What do the different grades mean?
All results generally take the form of a mark between 0 and 100 which determines your final grade.

HD refers to High Distinction: An outstanding performance; mark range 85-100.
D refers to Distinction: A superior performance; mark range 75-84.
C refers to Credit: A good performance; mark range 65-74.
P refers to Pass: An acceptable level of performance; mark range 50-64.
PC refers to Pass Conceded: This grade was discontinued after Term 2 2015.
F refers to Fail: Unsatisfactory performance, below the minimum expected level; mark range 0-49.
FA refers to a Fail Absent: For a student with a current enrolment who did not attend the final examination for that unit.
FI refers to a Fail incomplete: For a student who does not complete an in-term assessment task that fulfils a unit learning outcome, but attends the final exam; even if the total mark in the unit is more than 50%.
FCC refers to Failed compulsory component: A student did not satisfactorily complete all required within-term assessment tasks.

6.4. What if I have further questions regarding my results and marks?
If you still have further inquiries, please contact
Please be aware that it could take some time before you receive a response during peak periods.

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7.1 I do not believe that my final result for a unit is correct. How do I apply to view my overall results and/or my final exam paper?
If you believe that an error has been made in respect to the calculation of your grade in your exam paper, please complete the Academic Appeal Application Form  (DOCX 38.6KB) and submit it to the Academic Administration Office by the required date for each term.

7.2 What happens if I submit an Academic Appeal application?
If you have submitted an Appeal Application form, the Academic Office will process your application and reply to you via email.
If you are approved for a paper review, you need to have your Photo ID (passport, student ID or driver license) with you on that day. Each student has 3 minutes to have their paper/s reviewed.
Please note, this review is a check of marks being added up and no changes will be made for the marks being given for each question.
If you still have further inquiries, please contact the Academic Office via

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Supplementary and Resit Examinations

8.1. What is a resit examination? Am I eligible to apply for a resit examination?
Please refer to the unit outline Resit Assessment Task part for the eligibility to apply for a resit exam. An email will be sent to your IMC registered email address together with the Resit Application Form. Please check your IMC registered email after 5pm on the final exam result released date for each term.

8.2. What is a supplementary examination? Am I eligible to apply for a supplementary examination?
Please refer to the questions 10.5 and 10.6 regarding Special Consideration under General Information.

8.3. When will the resit/supplementary examinations be held?
Generally, supplementary and resit exams will be held in the 2nd week following the final exam result release date for each term. Please keep monitoring Moodle Announcements.

8.4. When will the resit/supplementary examination timetable be available?
The supplementary/resit timetable will be available on Moodle approximately 4 working days after the final exam result release date for each term.

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9.1. How can I obtain my academic transcript?
If you need an official academic transcript, please send your request to
You will need to include your full name and student number in the email and it may take 2-3 working day to get your academic transcript ready to be collected from the receptionist.

9.2. How can I obtain my completion letter?
Normally, it will take 7 working days from your result release date to get your completion letter ready for collection. You will be notified about the collection time and location via email.

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General Information

10.1. Where can I get advice about unit enrolments or change of subjects?
For enrolment changes and course advice, please visit the Academic Office on Level 1, Bay 3 or email

10.2. When should I start attending my classes?
Please refer to the ‘Class commence / Teaching period’ on the Class Timetable or Key dates in web page:

10.3. Where can I find the class timetable?
You can download the latest class timetable from Announcements on Moodle. If you cannot find it, please try to search the keywords ‘class timetable’.

10.4. Can I borrow a calculator from school?
You are required to take your own calculator during the teaching and examination periods. However, if you have forgotten to bring a calculator, you may enquire Student Services Office to see whether there’s an extra one.

10.5. What should I do if I am sick and cannot get an assignment or exam done on time? Can I apply for special consideration?
If you believe that you may fail to submit your assignment on time, you need to apply for Special Consideration in advance. If you failed to attend an examination due to adverse effect by sickness, you can request Special Consideration within 5 working days from the examination date. Please refer to the relevant information in your Unit Outline and Examination Policy and Procedure.

10.6. How do I apply for special consideration?
You need to finish the Application for Special Consideration Form including IMC’s medical certificate signed by your GP or relevant evidence. The application of Special Consideration should be lodged to Academic Office via email to for the approval of a supplementary examination. The application regarding midterm exam or assignments late submission should be lodged to your lecturers.
Please note that you must obtain and attach Third Party documentation before submitting the application. Failure to do so may result in the application being rejected.
For more information, please visit the Academic Office (Level 1, Bay 3) or contact us via

10.7. How can I schedule a consultation with my lecturer?
Please refer to the Consultation Times on your Unit Outlines and make an appointment with your lecturer in advance via email.

10.8. Where can I get English language and study skills help?
We have an English Language and Academic Skills Coordinator on site to assist all students. You can visit our coordinator in the Academic Office or go to the library website for booking via
Please visit our library website to find more information about available student support.

10.9. Where can I get help if I experience difficulties in my study or want to improve my grades?
For students who are struggling, or want to get ahead and improve their grades, we offer academic business tutoring (one-to-one consultation) outside of class hours with our knowledgeable duty tutor.
Please refers to to find more information.

10.10. Where do I get a library card?
Your student card can be used to borrow books for IMC library.
Also, both business school and law school students are able to apply for a University of Sydney Community Borrower Library Card to borrow books from the University of Sydney.
Please visit the IMC Library on Level 1, Bay 3, or email us via for more application information.

10.11. When are the breaks and/or public holidays?
Please refer to the student calendar that can be found on web page: for more information on study vacations and public holidays.

10.12 Where can I download forms that I need?
The forms you may need can be found on web page via

10.13 What is the Academic Integrity Module (AIM)?
This module introduces the basics of ethical academic practice, and IMC’s values and expectations of correct academic conduct.
The AIM badge:
Once you have successfully completed the AIM, you will be awarded a digital badge. You will retain your AIM badge for the duration of your studies at IMC. The AIM badge is displayed on your Moodle profile page, as well as in the user list within your course Moodle sites, allowing course coordinators to check for badge completion. The badge can be used to demonstrate that you have completed the AIM in any current or future courses at IMC. 

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