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About the USI

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a combination of ten letters and numbers that acts as your Higher Education passport in Australia. Whether you’re a domestic or international student, and regardless of whether you’re studying at a university or a vocational training organisation, your USI is easy to apply for and will stay with you throughout your life. The USI replaces the Commonwealth High Education Student Support Number (CHESSN), which you may currently be using. If you do not already have a USI you should create one, and if you are unsure whether you have one it is important to check. Without a USI, you will not be able to enrol, graduate, or receive any form of Commonwealth Assistance for an Australian Higher Education course.

Getting your USI

There are 3 main ways for new and current students to get a USI.

Create it yourself online

  1. Prepare one form of identification. The most easily accessible options are a driver’s license or passport for domestic students, and a passport with an Australian visa or an ImmiCard for international students.
  2. Visit the Australian Government’s USI web portal and follow the prompts.

Retrieve and confirm your already-existing USI (if you have attended any Nationally Registered training since 2015)

  1. Visit this link and choose one of 4 methods to retrieve your USI. You may need to provide one form of identification or answer your Check Questions to prove that it’s you. 

Your USI at IMC

You will be required to provide your USI as part of your enrolment process at IMC. Without it, IMC will not be able to issue your award, qualification or statement of attainment. This applies to all IMC students from 2021, whether you are commencing, continuing their current program, or changing from a current program.

All students must have a USI before applying for OS-HELP. For new students, in order to be entitled to FEE-HELP, the student must have a USI before the census date for the unit of study.

International Students

If you are an international student unable to enter Australia due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and currently do not have a USI, when you obtain your student visa, you have to apply for a USI through the Australian Government website and submit the USI to IMC within 14 days upon your arrival in Australia.

How do I tell IMC what my USI is?

Commencing students for 2021 can provide your USI during application stage or the first time when you log in your Student Portal.

Returning students can provide your USI during the enrolment period via Student Portal on Personal Details page as below: