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FinTech and Blockchain Basics

Micro Credential

Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. As FinTech is disrupting out society, gain the skills and insight you need to apply for a role in the FinTech ecosystem.

This course aims to demonstrate a broad understanding of current and emerging financial technologies and their impact on the financial services business sector.


  • What is FinTech? How much of the finance sector is FinTech?
  • What is blockchain? How does it work? Why is cryptography essential, and how does that work?
  • What are cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, and how are they related to blockchain technology?
  • How significant is blockchain to the FinTech industry and the future of a digital economy?

See our FinTech Glossary of Terms.


Featuring our presenter: Yijun (Steve) Chen, Head of Solutions Architect from Alibaba Cloud (1hr) - View LinkedIn Profile


3 weeks


  • Complete without Assessment OR
  • Complete with Assessment including;
    • Quizzes and short answers (40% weight of final grade)
    • Project or case study (60% weight of final grade)
  • Both streams will receive Certificate of Completion

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FinTech and Blockchain Basics - Preview


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