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FinTech, Security and Regulation

Micro Credential

Understand the major threats and risks within FinTech companies and explore the legal, social and ethical issues in the digital regulatory environment

This course aims to evaluate security risks within the context of digital technology-based financial services


  • How vulnerable are FinTech firms to cyber-attacks? What are the major threats and risks?
  • How can FinTech firms protect themselves? What to do if an attack occurs?
  • What protections are needed to secure FinTech data, including customer data, from cyber-criminals?
  • Is the regulatory environment for the FinTech industry adequate? What needs to be done to ensure safe and productive digital financial services sector?

See our FinTech Glossary of Terms.


Featuring presenter/s:
Lucas Calleja, Founder of Compositis | FinTech Australia (1.5hr) - View LinkedIn Profile
Sophie Grace - Compliance and Legal | FinTech Australia (1.5hr)


2 weeks


  • Complete without Assessment OR
  • Complete with Assessment including;
    • Quizzes and short answers (40% weight of final grade)
    • Project or case study (60% weight of final grade)
  • Both streams will receive Certificate of Completion

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FinTech, Security and Regulation - Preview


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