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TBUS601 International Business Strategy
 Campus: Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, NSW 2015
 Units of Credit:  6
 Prerequisite or Corequisite:  This unit has no pre-requisite subjects.
 EFTSL*:  0.125
 Indicative Contact Hours per Week:  3
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 Unit Overview:

This unit introduces students to the challenges of competing globally, including the corporate-level decisions: (a) to diversify to and/or operate in foreign locations, (b) concerning strategic analysis and choice of these locations, and perhaps most critically, (c) concerning mode of entry into foreign markets. It considers important ‘push and pull’ factors in firms’ political, legal, economic, social, cultural, and technological environments, as well as those internal to the firm or their country of origin. Finally, the unit considers how international managers deal with the inherent additional complexities of trading and/or operating in diverse and often distant markets. The unit, therefore, serves as a foundation for further studies, and ultimately a career in international business.

 *EFTSL = Equivalent full-time study load