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TMKT602 Buyer Behaviour
Campus: South Eveleigh, NSW 2015
Units of Credit: 6
Prerequisite or Corequisite: TMKT601 Foundations of Marketing
EFTSL*: 0.125
Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 3
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Unit Overview:

This unit introduces students to key postulates of consumer behaviour, the field that draws on various disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology and economics. Similarly, the representatives of small and large organisations also engage in decision-making processes in order to decide what services and goods to purchase. This unit focuses on theories underlying these decision-making processes in consumer behaviour while it teaches students how to deploy them in the marketing practice.
Students will learn what triggers different forms of human behaviour, how people select, consume and dispose of products, or services. They will learn what initiates emotional, mental and behavioural responses of consumers, and decisions makers that procure products and services on behalf of businesses or organisations. Influence of social factors, external and internal sources of information, culture and lifestyle will also be examined. A marketing perspective will be used to introduce concepts of motivation, attitude, persuasion, problem recognition, information search, evaluation, decision making and post purchase behaviour.
Importantly, the unit challenges students to apply the theory in different contexts to develop appropriate marketing strategies to sell services, goods and ideas. Students are also required to contrast purchasing processes that are evident in consumer (end user) markets with business markets, where company representatives operate within a different frame of reference.

*EFTSL = Equivalent full-time study load