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TTEC201 Digital Business Strategies
 Campus:  South Eveleigh, NSW 2015
 Units of Credit:  6
 Prerequisite or Corequisite:  There are no prerequisite units.
 EFTSL*:  0.125
 Indicative Contact Hours per Week:  3
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 Unit Overview:

This unit aims to introduce students to the concepts and principles of managing businesses in the digital environment and to equip them with key skills in formulating effective digital business strategies. It provides students with an understanding of various digital business and marketing tools and the integration of these tools into strategic business and marketing plans.
The advancement of digital technologies in the past two decades has provided tremendous opportunities (and threats) to organisations and their stakeholders including customers and supply chain partners. With the exponential development in digital technologies and systems the resultant “digital disruption” is now widely recognized as having the potential to change fundamentally traditional business models and practices. Therefore, it is essential for future business professionals to understand and apply relevant digital business concepts, theories and technologies as a key requirement for business success.
This unit will first discuss key issues in the digital environment and in the digital transformation of business models and practices including macro- and microenvironmental factors and other factors affecting the growth and implementation of digital technologies and business models. Thereafter, students will examine the key elements and tools used in formulating digital business and marketing strategies and how organisations can manage digital business transformation and growth effectively. Students are expected to draw upon this knowledge and to integrate it into a strategic digital business plan.

 *EFTSL = Equivalent full-time study load