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8 Benefits of Studying with Friends

By Linda Tran, 3rd November 2020


Did you know that studying with friends - when done right - has multiple benefits to your learning experience? Think about the times you have studied on your own and when you are studying with your friends - which is more effective? If you and your friends stay on tasks and eliminate distractions, you will see the advantages of studying in the short and long term.

Discover the eight benefits of studying with friends below:

#1 Builds interpersonal skills

As part of your learning experience, working in groups is part of the norm and there are key benefits to this, particularly building your interpersonal skills. Communication skills, discussions and meetings within these groups can help develop your social and creative skills. This is vital practice for your personal and professional development as a student and when you enter the workplace.


#2 Increases learning retention

Studying with friends can reinforce your learning habits and understanding. Whether it be exposing yourself to new methods of learning or techniques to build confidence, studying with friends can provide encouragement to each other in learning new skills and concepts.


#3 Improves your mood

Whether you realise it or not, studying with friends can help boost your overall level of enjoyment and confidence. A sense of fulfilment when working together is a common outcome and this can positively impact your work performance.


#4 Amplifies your level of motivation

Similar to the point above, when studying alone - it can be difficult for a student to feel a sense of urgency to complete a task, hence more likely to procrastinate. Studying in your group can boost your confidence in completing a task together.


#5 Makes learning more enjoyable

Sharing commonalities with your study mates can also make your learning more enjoyable. Joining a positive group can provide a supportive environment for students to complete tasks and retain knowledge and information more effectively.


#6 Strengthens your friendships

Learning with those around you can open more meaningful relationships and bonding. Whether it be at your college, university or workplace, lifelong friendships can be formed and strengthened.


#7 Encourages you to think openly

Have you heard of the saying “Two heads are better than one”? Since everyone has their own unique talents and strengths, working in a group together allows you to have the opportunity to gain different perspectives and therefore, opening your mind to new concepts and ideas. This is a great way for you to be exposed to new information and therefore developing your critical thinking and problem solving.


#8 Develop new skills and habits

In addition to the skills mentioned above, other skills that you develop on the way include organisation skills. Studying with your friends can help you gain a habit of prioritising tasks, become more disciplined and embrace different ideas around you. This is a valuable skill to process that is used in all areas of life.


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