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Big Data in Education: 3 Companies You Should Know About

By James (Jiaqi) Wang, 18 May 2021 

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Data and education have been inextricably linked for a long time. You may not have noticed it, but teachers used to analyse student exams data a long time ago. Teachers examine student test scores and assignments to think about what they could do to improve the quality of their teaching. In recent years, big data has grown rapidly and has become valuable in several industries, as well as within the education sector. Big Data has solved many problems within the industry and boosted the development of the education industry. Here are the three companies that focuses on Big Data in the education industry you should know about.

#1 Civitas Learning

Civitas Learning provides a student success intelligence platform that offers academic and career planning, student support, efficacy measurement and data-informed advisors. Civitas’ platform takes data from all parts of a university or institution to help students make data-based decisions with calculated outcomes. Its solutions also help faculty optimise their biggest tasks and more effectively engage with students.

This company has applied Big Data to the education sector with remarkable success. For example, Texas State University implemented Civitas’ Schedule Planner, enabling them to run reports that cross-referenced new students with open seats in required courses. Overall, three administrators need only about two days to register thousands of freshman students.

Source: Builtin


12Twenty creates a data-driven platform for university career centres. The company's solutions include career services management and employer relations as well as outcome data and analytics. The platform improves student survey response rates, enhancing the data to which universities have access. With the help of Big Data, career advisors can create industry or custom reports, analyse student employment and eliminate tedious spreadsheet creation. 12Twenty also provides students with access to salary information and an interview question database so they have information to leverage post graduation.

One example in case is that UCLA Anderson improved their job survey student response rate to over 99 per cent. The platform also helps track unique student outcomes and make better data-driven decisions for their students.

Source: Builtin

#3 EdX

EdX is a leading Big Data company in the education sector and it empowers millions of learners to unlock their potential and become changemakers. EdX as the digital course provider founded by Harvard and MIT, is researching how big data can help answer key online learning questions: which are the best ways to teach complex ideas online? And which parts of a course are best taught in-person?

Source: Business Because

To sum up, the role of Big Data is becoming increasingly important in a variety of industries, including the education industry. As a result, there is an urgent need for Big Data talent in various sectors. At IMC, we offer a number of Courses related to Digital Applications, including the Master of Big Data Auditing. Come and learn the relevant courses and become a Big Data talent! Act now, act fast!

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