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Living in Hobart: 5 Tips for Students on the Move

By James (Jiaqi) Wang, 16 Mar 2021 

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Love the idea of living off the Australian mainland in Tasmania? Known for its natural beauty and laid back vibes, it’s no wonder more and more people are planting their roots in Hobart.

Here are 5 tips for students on the move to Hobart, Tasmania.

#1 Hobart has limited public transport

Melbourne's tram routes are well connected and Sydney's train lines cover most areas of the city. In Hobart, on the other hand, public transport is not very well connected and public transport is mainly by bus. If you regularly move around the CBD, it's pretty easy to commute using public transportation. If you live in a more distant suburb from the city center, you might consider getting a car. IMC's Hobart campus is conveniently located in the city centre and is also surrounded by supermarkets, shopping malls and other facilities.

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#2 There are many beautiful sights around Hobart

Tasmania is world-renowned for its beautiful scenery, and there are many scenic attractions near Hobart. Condé Nast Traveller magazine voted Wineglass Bay (about 125km north of Hobart) the most beautiful beach in Australia. And Hobart itself, which sits alongside the picturesque River Derwent. In addition, you will be able to encounter nature and you will have the opportunity to see many animals that are representative of Australia, such as kangaroos, wombats and other wild animals. These beautiful views will take your breath awayYou can drive to the beach with your friends to sunbathe on the weekend or go for outdoor barbecue.

Source: Gradaustralia

#3 Beware of weather changes

A never-ending source of conversation, if you don't like Hobart's weather, come back in five minutes and it will have changed. The weather in Hobart is very unpredictable, so you can always carry an umbrella in your bag. When dressing for the weather, consider layering multiple pieces to accommodate the changing temperatures.

Source: ABC News

#4 Hobart has a blossoming “foodie” culture

Tasmanian restaurants are particularly famous for fresh seafood, such as lobster, scallops, and so on. Tasmania is world famous for its seafood due to its special climate as well as its geographical location. If you are a seafood lover, you will definitely fall in love with this place.

Source: Gradaustralia

#5 Rent in Hobart is more affordable than bigger cities

Accommodation costs are a huge expense in life for students. For students, Tasmania is an amazing alternative for students on the move. On average, rent in Hobart will set you back about AU$120 – $300 per week, depending where you stay. In addition, big cities like Sydney and Melbourne host large numbers of students, so searching for the right accommodation can be a mission itself.

Source: Insider Guides

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