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3 Career Prospects in Today's Marketing Landscape

By James (Jiaqi) Wang, 8 June 2021 

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Nowadays, people's lives are inextricably linked to marketing. Whether it's an advertising poster of Amex at a bus stop or a celebrity's Instagram post, these activities are constantly planting the brand's awareness in the minds of consumers. With the boom of marketing in today's society, savvy marketing talents are urgently needed in various industries. Here are 3 career prospects in today's marketing landscape.

#1 Digital Marketing is Booming

Digital marketing refers to marketing through digital channels like search engines, websites, email and social media. In the last 30 years, the rise of the internet, smartphones, and big data has completely changed the way companies market and promote their products and services. For example, an Instagram post published by Kim Kardashian could attract thousands of likes and comments, and people are interested in the pants and sneakers featured in the picture, this will create huge brand awareness for the brands. In addition, email marketing could use big data to analyse the data of customers and create a detailed customer profile for each individual in order to send out bespoke email offers to each customer. In turn, the booming of digital marketing also created many new marketing careers.

Source: Hubspot

#2 Data and Analytics is the Future

The wealth of data that can be gained from online consumer behavior has significant implications for marketing occupations, and the data-driven marketing economy has recently been valued at $202 billion in the US alone (Data & Marketing Association, 2016). Analysing data to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns means that marketing has taken on an increasingly quantitative and digital aspect. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also made strides in this respect, such as by improving product recommendations to customers (e.g. suggested content on streaming services or related properties on real estate websites) and predictive lead scoring, or the likelihood that a webpage visit will convert to a customer. To conclude, as a marketer, if you have excellent data analysis skills, then you will potentially have good career prospects.

Source: Deloitte

#3 Blockchain’s Potential Will be Explored Further

Blockchain is the latest buzzword around and is being touted as a technology that can bring dramatic transformation to a wide range of industries. Marketing is no different. With blockchain, marketing can address some of its biggest concerns and challenges. Resolving privacy concerns, increasing transparency in terms of identifying bots and building consumer trust are some of the key areas where blockchain’s potential is being evaluated currently. As for marketers, blockchain related knowledge is much needed in this new marketing era.

Source: Brandequity

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