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The Master of Accounting Practice is for accounting graduates who would like to extend their knowledge in key areas of professional accounting and, at the same time, progress toward full membership of CPA Australia. The Master of Accounting Practice includes a program of tuition and support for the CPA Program examinations. Students will be enrolled concurrently in the Master of Accounting Practice and the CPA Program with CPA Australia during the course of their studies.

On completion of the Master degree and the CPA Program, graduates will hold a set of qualifications that opens up a wide range of employment opportunities in the accounting profession, in industry and commerce and in the public sector. CPA Australia is one of the largest professional accounting bodies in the world with a membership of over 140,000 with members distributed widely throughout Australia, China and Asia and other parts of the world. Holding both advanced academic and professional qualifications is a mark of distinction valued by employers searching for staff with a demonstrated commitment to education and achievement.


1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time.

International students are required to maintain a full-time study load on campus basis.


On campus South Eveleigh NSW


Refer to key dates


Completion of an accredited Australian bachelor's degree with a major in accounting, or completion of a graduate conversion course in accounting. Applicants must meet the requirements for associate membership of CPA Australia and be enrolled in the CPA Program prior to taking the CPA Program tuition subjects in the Master degree.

Find out if your overseas qualification is recognised and meets the Entry Requirements.



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available and will be assessed in accordance with IMC's RPL policy and procedure. Please refer to the Application for Recognition of Prior Learning and the RPL policy and procedure for further details.


After completion of the course, graduates will have:

  • A broad and deep understanding of the conceptual and technical dimensions of accounting and related fields of finance, taxation and auditing.
  • Advanced knowledge of ethical frameworks and governance structures applicable in professional and commercial fields.
  • Leadership skills to manage groups of professional staff toward planned objectives.
  • Advanced knowledge of research principles necessary to identify, analyse and solve complex issues in accounting and related areas of professional activity.
  • Communication skills to inform, discuss with and manage stakeholder interests in commercial settings.


  • Study postgraduate subjects that take theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting beyond undergraduate levels. Learn about forensic accounting, risk management, business valuation, tax planning, strategy, leadership and ethics. All complementary to CPA Program studies
  • Comprehensive tuition support for core and elective CPA Program Subjects. Thorough preparation for CPA Program examinations held by CPA Australia is part of the course structure.
  • Students and teaching staff will have access to CPA Program support materials provided by CPA Australia.
  • Class sizes will be kept small to enhance opportunities for small group tuition and classroom interaction
  • Classes will be scheduled at times to suit students in full-time and part-time employment.
  • Out-of-class consultation and on-line email support available throughout the course


Assessment methods are designed to encourage learning, provide feedback and measure achievement of unit learning outcomes. Forms of assessment vary among units and include research reports, projects, essays, group work, presentations, problem solving and case studies as well as tests, quizzes and examinations. Students may be required to complete assessment tasks alone or in groups to encourage development of generic skills. Assessments generally require a written submission but may include an oral presentation. In capstone units, assessments may include industry engagement and an extensive report.


Applicants must note the following points in relation to the CPA Program tuition component of the Master of Accounting Practice:

  • Subjects identified by an asterisk (*) are subjects in the Master of Accounting Practice that provide tuition for a CPA Program Subject of the same name. Students must be enrolled simultaneously in the CPA Program segment and the related Master degree CPA Subject and sit for the CPA Program examination conducted by CPA Australia in the same term.
  • Results achieved in Master degree CPA Program tuition subjects are independent of results achieved in CPA Program Subjects as assessed by CPA Australia. The Master of Accounting Practice provides tuition for CPA Program Subjects but all assessments in CPA Program examinations are conducted by CPA Australia.
  • Students are required to pay tuition fees for the course in which they are enrolled. The fee for the Master course does not include the CPA Australia assessment fee and enrolment fees for six CPA Program Subjects, which are payable directly to CPA Australia. Visit for fees payable to CPA Australia.
  • In completing any subject identified as a “CPA Program tuition Subject” in this list of subjects offered by IMC, you will not qualify as a CPA. To qualify as a CPA, you must meet ALL the requirements of the CPA Program as set by CPA Australia. Visit